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Mar 19, 2019

Something Rotten! Preview

By Broadway Live INSIDER - Michael J. Miller

You must have commanding confidence that your new Broadway musical will wow critics and woo audiences to have the audacity to title it “Something Rotten!” The producers took that risk and their instincts paid off. The show opened on Broadway four years ago and went on to be nominated for 10 Tony Awards and ran for 742 performances in New York followed by a successful national tour.

The touring production of Something Rotten! coming to the Opera House March 22-23 launched last September and is staged by the Associate director of the original Broadway production.

Riotously funny, Something Rotten! tells the tale of two brothers, Nick and Nigel Bottom who run a theatre troupe in London during the Renaissance. Their artistic efforts are overshadowed by a rival troupe across town whose fortunes are favored by having William Shakespeare at the helm. It seems at every turn their creative impulses are thwarted due to the rock-star success of The Bard’s troupe. Nick and Nigel have literally hit rock Bottom and rant early in Act I, “God, I HATE Shakespeare!”

The Bottom bros seek the sage advice of a soothsayer hoping he can give some prediction about what the next big thing in theatre will be so that they can one-up Shakespeare. The mystic’s premonition puts the wheels in motion that drive the rest of the show. For what shall be the Next Big Thing?

“A MUSICAL!” proclaims the soothsayer, “A play where an actor is saying his lines, and out of nowhere he just…starts…SINGING!”

Something Rotten! gets much of its clever humor by snarkily referencing a cavalcade of well-known Broadway musical classics. It simultaneously celebrates and sends up everything we hold dear about big Broadway hits, from Bob Fosse “jazz hands” to the synchronized kicks of a chorus line.

There may have been something rotten in the state of Denmark, but the ghosts of musicals past and present bring laughs and life to the Opera House this March when Something Rotten! merrily rolls in Lexington.