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Apr 22, 2017

The Midtown Men: Opening Night

h1_mtm_opening.jpgBy Broadway Live INSIDER - Michael J. Miller

Current events, hair styles, fashion, and popular trends define each generation.  But I contend it is an era's music that exerts the strongest influence on lasting memories.  And when the current news cycle of the day or personal struggles bring one to a need for refreshment, nothing soothes like the grooves of a particular era.

To many, the harmonic, swoony sounds of the 1960's provides such a tonic, and tonight's audience for The Midtown Men's opening night at the Opera House drank it up. Thirst quenched.

h2_mtm.jpgThe Midtown Men, a close-harmony quartet whose members were original members of the Broadway mega-hit Jersey Boys, have been touring to sold out venues for several years (they were last in Lexington in 2012).  The Men were Jersey Boys for over 1,000 performances together on Broadway during the early years of the show, became fast friends, and decided to package their talent and shared experience into a unique theatrical event and take it on the road.  What began as state fair appearances and casino lounge gigs quickly expanded into a full-fledged production that now plays to capacity crowds at symphony halls and opera houses across the country.

The smooth moves, memory-making arrangements, and pitch-perfect production values make for a stellar evening.  What makes it such a phenomenal engagement, though, is the obvious chemistry the four stars have on stage, and the "backstage gossip" they share with the audience along the way.  Jersey Boys, of course, told the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Here, the playlist expands to include many other jukebox favorites from the era. 

Christian Hoff, Daniel Reichard , J. Robert Spencer, and Travis Cloer give it their all and are obviously having the time of their lives.  Cloer, new to the group for this leg of the tour while another group member is doing a new play in New York, fits right in, as he also performed alongside the others Jersey Boys on Broadway.

Carefully constructed, the evening allows each member to have a featured number, but it is when all four are moving and grooving together that the memory magic happens.

What better way to close out this year's Broadway Live season at the Opera House than this jubilant joyride!   Hop on in and let the music take you away.  It's a smooth ride and a lot less expensive than that red convertible Corvette you've had your eyes on.

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