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Dec 17, 2012

Ballroom with a Twist:
The "Other" Power Couple

Thumb: INSIDER power couple

By Michal Jansen Miller

Ballroom with a Twist promotional materials on large posters around Lexington feature Dancing with the Stars pros Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts prominently. Other celebrated alumnae from the smash hit ABC-TV show are also part of this international dance production, as are favorites from the smash FOX hit So You Think You Can Dance. That would be enough to entice any fan of dance to the Opera House, but there’s more. Throw in American Idol hotties Gina Glocksen and David Hernandez as the musical accompaniment to the affair and we’re talking. Must See.

I knew the dance divas would more than likely be featured by other local media covering the arts scene. So as your Broadway Live Insider, I of course asked for the impossible. I wanted to talk to the Idols.

Assuming all former Idols without Oscars or Grammy Awards now live in relative comfort but complete isolation in a dungeon at Ryan Seacrest’s California estate with Brian Dunkleman, I didn’t think that would be possible. But, hey, give it a shot. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Ready to be dismissed quicker than you can say “Frenchie Davis”, I put in a request to interview Glocksen or Hernandez through the Lexington Opera House and the show’s production company. I heard back almost immediately. By the end of the week I had chatted with David Hernandez in-between rehearsals in Los Angeles for a cabaret show he’s doing with Tony winner Lilias White. Gina Glocksen called me at home on Friday afternoon from Chicago.

David Hernandez got involved with “Ballroom with a Twist” when the music director contacted him right after his Idol season. The production was then a singers-only production that toured widely as a Holiday chestnut. Louis van Amstel was brought on board to add the dance element and it morphed over time into the international production it is today. The way the show blends vocals and dance together are what satisfies him most as a performer. And sharing the stage with fellow Idol, Gina. Although they were from different seasons, he and Gina have since established a special bond.

“We just gel,” he says of Gina,” she’s the female singer I feel the most comfortable with. I can’t wait to be on this tour with her again.”

Gina Glocksen relishes the “more intimate” feel of this show, as compared to her experience as the “rocker chick” filling arenas with her Idol tour. It also allows her to bring out her “softer side” as an artist. ”My favorite moment from the show is when I perform the vocals to the piece “Gravity” for the contemporary dancers,” she says. “It really reaches a different level.”

“David and I are best friends. Actually, more like brother and sister.” she adds. “He is definitely one of the most underated male vocalists ever on Idol.”

They are both looking forward to spending a long winter weekend in Lexington when Ballroom comes to town January 4-6. This will be there first time in Kentucky. “Except Paducah, I think,” David remembers, “Is that Kentucky?”

I told them both about the Arts Appetizers event at The Horse and Barrel on Sunday, January 6th at 5:00 p.m. that gives ticket holders a chance to meet and greet cast members.

They both said they hope they can come.

“We LOVE to eat,” drooled David, and I immediately get Dickensian visions of what it must really be like in Ryan Seacrest’s dungeon.


INSIDER Tidbit: David Hernandez is currently working on a solo album with Printz Board of The Black Eyed Peas. Offered Broadway’s RENT in 2008, he prefers for now to focus on his solo career. http://www.DavidHernandezOfficial.com David’s Twitter is @DHernandezMusic

INSIDER Tidbit #2: Gina Glocksen has a new single “Help Yourself” now available on cdbaby.com and tours the Chicago area with The Gina Glocksen Band. She also has an album in the works. http://www.rocktheglock.com Gina’s Twitter is @Ginasings