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Sep 15 Monday

2014-2015 Season Overview

Come play this season at Broadway Live. There really is something for everyone!  And keep coming back here throughout the season as I will have more…

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Apr 11 Friday

BRING IT ON: The Musical - Opening Night

The Broadway production that was about to open its five-show run here at the Lexington Opera House did not disappoint. In fact, it exceeded all expectations.…

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Mar 31 Monday

Bring It On

With its astounding athleticism, dazzling aerodynamics, and cheer-worthy choreography, Bring It On promises to be the most talked about musical of the…

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Mar 3 Monday

The Miracle Worker

With The Miracle Worker, Montana Rep mounts one of its most mesmerizing productions to date. Few stories are as timeless or reveal the courage and resilience…

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Feb 15 Saturday

Memphis: The Musical - Opening Night

The production that opened Friday in Lexington and plays through the weekend is a powerhouse. I'm fairly certain last night's anticipated forecast for…

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Feb 3 Monday


Memphis is REAL. Not a jukebox musical. Not a revival of what Broadway used to be. This is what Broadway gives us now. And it's about time... more…

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Jan 11 Saturday

Million Dollar Quartet: Opening Night

The Opening Night crowd at the Lexington Opera House was on its feet in one of the most enthusiastic and sustained standing ovations I have ever witnessed…

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Dec 19 Thursday


At first glance, Million Dollar Quartet appears to be another touring impersonator/cover band concert, but nothing could be further than the truth. Rather,…

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Nov 9 Saturday

Chicago: Opening Night

Bob Fosse is at the Lexington Opera House this weekend. Every breath, every move, every syllable? Fosse. A moment in musical theatre history. I saw another…

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Oct 11 Friday


Chicago: The Musical makes its triumphant return to the Lexington Opera House to open the 2013 Broadway Live season. It's fitting that a show originally…

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Apr 20 Saturday

DREAMGIRLS: Opening Night

The 2013 national tour of DREAMGIRLS that opened last night at the Lexington Opera House sent me out back to pick out a big ol' switch, threw me across…

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Apr 1 Monday


When I first heard that Broadway Live at the Lexington Opera House had secured a new touring production of Dreamgirls to close out their 2013 season I…

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