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Feb 3 Monday


Memphis is REAL. Not a jukebox musical. Not a revival of what Broadway used to be. This is what Broadway gives us now. And it's about time... more…

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Jan 11 Saturday

Million Dollar Quartet: Opening Night

The Opening Night crowd at the Lexington Opera House was on its feet in one of the most enthusiastic and sustained standing ovations I have ever witnessed…

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Dec 19 Thursday


At first glance, Million Dollar Quartet appears to be another touring impersonator/cover band concert, but nothing could be further than the truth. Rather,…

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Nov 9 Saturday

Chicago: Opening Night

Bob Fosse is at the Lexington Opera House this weekend. Every breath, every move, every syllable? Fosse. A moment in musical theatre history. I saw another…

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Oct 11 Friday


Chicago: The Musical makes its triumphant return to the Lexington Opera House to open the 2013 Broadway Live season. It's fitting that a show originally…

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Apr 20 Saturday

DREAMGIRLS: Opening Night

The 2013 national tour of DREAMGIRLS that opened last night at the Lexington Opera House sent me out back to pick out a big ol' switch, threw me across…

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Apr 1 Monday


When I first heard that Broadway Live at the Lexington Opera House had secured a new touring production of Dreamgirls to close out their 2013 season I…

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Mar 16 Saturday

Addams Family: Opening Night

The opening night audience for The Addams Family was in stitches from the opening sequence until the final curtain call, in this revamped and much-improved…

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Feb 26 Tuesday

The Addams Family

Most of us probably first met The Addams Family in the 1964 ABC television show that ran until 1966, or more likely the 1991 movie... more >

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Feb 2 Saturday

Catch Me If You Can: Opening Night

Before the curtain went up last night at the Lexington Opera House for this weekend’s run of CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, the cast and crew gathered around…

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Jan 25 Friday

The Man Behind the Music

Alone in the band room of his small West Virginia high school, Matt lost himself in a few precious alone-time moments at the piano...

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Jan 14 Monday

Catch Me If You Can

Lexington usually gets shows a couple of seasons after the major tours have played venues in cities with larger venues and population density. Not this…

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