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Broadway Live Insider Blog

Oct 29 Thursday

The Producers

Producer/director Mel Brooks took a huge gamble when he adapted his 1968 cult film satire for the musical stage.  Who will go see a Broadway show…

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Aug 6 Thursday

NETworks presents Disney's Beauty and the Beast

Now, 20 years and several Lion Kings, Aladdins, Little Mermaids, Tarzans, and Newsies later, the original creative team from that first Broadway venture…

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Apr 25 Saturday

Sister Act : Opening Night

The production of Sister Act that opened tonight at the Lexington Opera House was met with such enthusiasm that clearly, with or without Whoopi,…

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Apr 2 Thursday

Sister Act

This is it.  THE Broadway Musical Extravaganza we've all been waiting for this season at Broadway Live at the Opera House.  As it's…

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Feb 26 Thursday

The Great Gatsby

It's as if we're all invited to spend a weekend at West Egg, Long Island.  Just think: we get to wear our opening day of Keeneland finery…

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Feb 7 Saturday

Peter and the Starcatcher : Opening Night

Imagine mermaids and shipwrecks, pirates and sunlight depraved orphan boys. Imagine a cast of twelve remarkably gifted actors bringing what is surely…

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Feb 3 Tuesday

Peter and the Starcatcher

The play takes audiences on a journey to answer the century-old question: How did Peter Pan become The Boy Who Never Grew Up? The epic origin story is…

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Jan 23 Friday

Guys & Dolls : Opening Night

Guys and Dolls roared out of the starting gate tonight at the Opera House for its five-show run. Two words come immediately to mind in describing this…

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Jan 5 Monday

A horse? Right here.
Guys and Dolls

In 1950, not too long before I was born, a show was borne on Broadway that suffered the horse kindly, just a little.  This show, built on gambling…

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Nov 15 Saturday

ELF: Opening Night

It's magical.  I don't think anyone who came to this production at the Lexington Opera House last night was ready for the spectacle, the…

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Oct 8 Wednesday

Jekyll & Hyde

Isn't it rich?  Out of the blue, Broadway Live announced a one performance only at 3:00 on October 19th of the recent Broadway revival of Jekyll…

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